04 January, 2013

Moving on ....

Luckily and thankfully I am not actually moving, but I thought I'd better put up a "suspension" notice here!  It has been just about a year since I last posted, so I think that means I'm probably "done" LOL --  I just spend too much time elsewhere!

I'm still knitting, hope to get back to some quilting, and trying NOT to travel much.

Happy New Year ... and all the best to all of us!

03 February, 2012

One off, one on

Picking up an old WIP this morning -- a cabled scarf in Malabrigo worsted.  Yummy soft yarn!  I'm maybe 1/2 way through, so want to plow through on this one, with this project as my inspiration! .

 I'm proud of myself for my progress on my WIPs, let me tell you :) 

02 February, 2012

Burning Daylight ... on the needles

I finished my "Magma" shawl -- the Ziggity pattern by Kirsten Kapur from Through the Loops.  More yarn "stunningness" from Margaret from French Market Fibers.  The red is unbelievable!  I'm thrilled, and even more thrilled that I've managed to finish something to add to my "rash" of FOs since mid-December.  I'm really "learning" how much fun it is to actually get something done.

But real life always needs taken care of:  after the next two days of "sit and knit" at various/regular places, it is time to really concentrate on the winter housework and get something done in that department, too. -- esp. as hubby comes home soon :))) YAY!!

30 January, 2012

End of January

I've spent the month destashing   -- it is a wonderful feeling just to let go of yarns that you might actually like, but are tired of the color ... or "whatever".  Luckily, there seems to be plenty of people who are happy to take some unwanted items,  so I take a bag of something to every knitting "sit and knit" group. 

I had hoped to finish the Polska mittens, but for some reason don't care for the yarn.- Knit Picks Palette.  It is a little too "superwash" feeling for me, but the colors are vibrant and  the first mitten blocked beautifully.  I know I'll love them when I am done, so I  will take the project with me next time we go to the mountains, and then I'll be more in the mood to work on them.  I did start another SpillyJane project (her project for NaKniMitMo12 ) and like the Jamieson Spindrift  I'm using.  It is very "grabby" and is so wonderful for colorwork. 

While going through things I found an Ishbel shawl that has sat for ages waiting to be blocked.  I love the color, but know I won't buy that kind of yarn again.  I just prefer more "natural" wool feel than the "slick feeling" and look.  The shawl is now blocked, and is now sitting to have the ends woven in.  Totally finishing things just doesn't seem to be my strongpoint! 

Speaking of slick feeling -- I do love yarns that have silk in them though.  I picked up a Veera cowl pattern that I had been working on in December and then a couple of days later frogged it.  Sigh.  I was off, I think, by one row in the herringbone section, and in another section had such a loose wrap it looked like there was a hole.  I'm just too fussy now with my projects to keep working on something that makes me crazy.  But that means I now still "have" that wonderful yarn from Margaret to work with again.  Margaret, from French Market Fibers, has her own Ravelry group now, so go check it out! 

Although I am a loose knitter, I seem to have a death grip on my needles and often bend them, even the wooden ones!  MY LYS has some of the "new" Knitters Pride dpns, and I'm trying them in the small sizes.  So far, so good!  I am reluctant to ditch my "warped" Clover dpns though, as I never know when I might need one to replace a "lost" one.  I always seem to be dropping one in furniture or on the floor, and then taking forever to find it. 

In the "real" world, we did finally get some snow in the mountains.  And it rained here at home ... some.  I wonder what February will bring?  I just hope the snow lasts so that when we get back up there, there will be enough for people to have fun skiing! 

23 January, 2012

Stripe Study Shawl

I'm thrilled that Veera Välimäki from 100% Rain is having such success with her knitting designs:  my Stripe Study Shawl appears to be the 1,841st of the finished ones on Ravelry :)  She has many other shawl designs, and we are all waiting for a February release of another one.

My Stripe Study (and there will be more) was knit in Malabrigo Sock yarn in Turner/Candombe colorways.  This is one of my favorite yarns as I am drawn to the super tight-twisted yarns.  Malabrigo has a lot of colors in this line, too, so the sky is the limit for combinations.  

I'm tidying up my stash (again!) and have seen that a Stripe Study has been made in Zauberball and doubled alapca lace by Plymouth .... if I can find the Plymouth lace, that will be my next Stripe Study.  It will be a lot lighter than this one, and perhaps a tiny bit smaller :)  I very gently blocked this Stripe Study, otherwise I would have been able to pull it out long enough to sleep wrapped up in it!

19 January, 2012

More "new" knitting video podcasts

I'm finding and listening to more "new to me"  knitting video podcasts:


Craft Stash

Knitting in Circles

Rain, snow, and WIPs

It is FINALLY raining here in the Central Valley (late afternoon today) and snowing in the Sierra ... whew!  It has been heartbreaking for the ski industry and "satellite" businesses connected with snow, but the cattle also need rain for grass .... it will be interesting to see how much "dump" we get AND hopefully we will get more.  The weather news was all anyone out and about has been talking about, so hopefully we will  take the inclement weather in stride and be happy for it.

I finished one of the SpillyJane Polska mittens and hope to cast on this weekend for the second.  I'm not that "in love" with the Knit Picks yarn (Palette) but the colors are fabulous and I am sure I will be happy when the pair is done.

Meanwhile, I'm at the final edge of my Stripe Study shawl in Malabrigo sock -- so I hope to get that done in the next couple of days.  I will be going to a few knitting groups in the next couple of weeks, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep pushing forward on WIPs and FOs.  I've done well so far this month!

The family afghan got repaired -- yay!  Cascade 220 came to the rescue; the "old" (34 years) yarn was Brunswick Germantown wool, which is no longer made.  I was amazed to see it still in people's stashes though!

15 January, 2012


I"m going to try to get my SpillyJane "Polska" WIP mittens done by the end of the month -- I'm finding KALs etc a good push to really get stuff off the needles (well, so far anyway for 2012 LOL)  I worked on the mittens at my LYS sit and knit yesterday, and am hoping to get the first mitten finished tonight (photo tomorrow, I hope)

I'm  working on a "Stripe Study" shawl by Veera -- there are so many wonderful variants of this on Ravelry  I'm using Malabrigo sock and like the colors, but really want to do one in a light colorway of Madelintosh.  If I ever get my sewing room tidied up from looking for the Polska WIP (OMG, you can't imagine the stuff I had to go through to find it) hopefully I might even find the Madelinetosh "antler" color that I think I MAY have.

And I've found another dynamite video podcast that I like (I don't watch all of them) -- Moonie Knits with Maya Moonie.  Check it out! 

12 January, 2012

Soft Yarn, Soft Cowl

Margaret from French Market Fibers gifted me a 383 yard "test" skein of MCN (merino, cashmere & nylon -- I had to look that up myself once) and it has been made up into a lusciously soft cowl.

the pattern is
Variance, by Lisa Mutch of Northbound Knitting

The yarn is quite soft;  I was slightly surprised :) and then realized I usually knit with much tighter twist yarn that produces a "denser" fabric.  This turn out perfect, however, as the cowl is super soft against my neck.  I added 15 extra stitches between the sections to make it a tad bit longer, so I can wear it doubled or even wrap it up at my chin level 3 times.  I'm wearing it now!  Thanks so much, Margaret! 

07 January, 2012

FO: Jellyfish Scarf aka "Inky"

I've had the most fun with this pattern!  I'm actually usually squeamish around these sorts of creatures, but know I'm going to really enjoy wearing this scarf from Sarah Peterson in the Interweave Knits Accessories 2011 issue.

So:  here is the Jellyfish Scarf.  Details are on my Ravelry project page.

And now I must put the knitting away for a while.  We are winding up our winter holiday - alas no snow - so I need to get a reality check on getting ready to leave (read: clean up to close up) and then we will venture back down to the Central Valley (home) and a little less "free time".