06 October, 2008

Life isn't so tough (day 3 of mountain life)

When all you have to do is take a walk to get some "fresh" tea and eggs, enjoy the real start of fall up here with the aspens changing colors quickly and take a nap, life has a nice way of slowing down a little. Imagine a small irritation such as the tea being so old up here that it takes likes .... old Lipton's.

Part of the walk included talking to the post master of the tiny post office: "we are up here for a while, and (cough) pls. expect some packages." Because I couldn't' help myself: the color of wool I was looking for on the East Coast "popped up" on a blog (Passing Down Crazy) I look at. She is always a fun read, and with all that info, of course my next stop was to Blue Moon Fiber Arts to grab that colorway in laceweight Laci. Laci is worth every penny at 1,750 yds/ 1,600m. Two shawls?

But back to the shoalwater shawl -- I switched back to the Addi lace needles. I'm not sure why there is so much "drag" with this yarn, but there you have it. Slow.

I fortunately have a yarn winder up here, so yesterday I wound some
Mountain Color Winter Lace "Wild Horse" yarn. Have also ordered a scale so I can wind some of these larger length skeins properly!


fluffbuff said...

Ah, the hard life… :)

Glad to see that things are good. I assume you are over that nasty allergy+cold combination.

KarenK said...

Welcome back to the Best Coast, MaryJo!