04 October, 2008

Travel Karma and "touchdown" for a while!

We had "travel karma" yesterday when we flew from the East Coast to the West Coast: we each had an empty seat next to us so the flight was much more comfortable. Never mind that they charge for snacks and oh, if you want a meal, that is $9. I was thrilled the orange juice was free!

We had a slight delay in getting the rental car (the reservation had evaporated), but then we headed up to the mountains, where we will be for at least 6 weeks or so while we wait for our "stuff" to arrive from different parts of the world.

It is raining up here, but at 7250 feet (2209 meters) it is still beautiful. Some of the aspen are changing colors, too. The weather is chilly -- 8C (46F). Click on the photos below to enlarge them to see all the different trees that are in our "backyard."

a neighbor's house across the way:

So now I really am on vacation. Unfortunately, my husband still has to do a travel trip next week!

Next best thing to coming here and also seeing our daughter and her boyfriend: FAST wireless internet! I'm looking forward to lots of Ravelry viewing!

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be*mused jan said...

Yay for touchdown! Hope you can enjoy these weeks and decompress a while before the boxes and crates start arriving. ;-)