13 September, 2008

Funny what you get used to and then ....

I'm knitting the Evelyn Clark shoalwater shawl with Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace and it's not that fast "going." The yarn is thin, and suddenly, after no issues, I'm finding I don't care for the Addi Turbo "lace" needles much. Those KnitPicks Harmony or the Addi Natura's are truly dreamy. I'll switch as soon as I land someplace where I can get to a store.

But imagine being en route someplace and getting to meet up with fellow Ravelers in another city -- a fellow American and a Dane! We ate lunch (photo to come when I get wireless back), talked about knitting, and of course talked about Ravelry projects. What a great treat for me!

But one of the most interesting moments was trying to explain to a non-American that we 1) actually manufacture a totally "fake product" full of who-knows-what and dyes, 2) add sugar and water and 3) happily give it to our children. But we also want to dye wool with it -- yes, you guessed it -- we are talking about Kool-Aid. Oh, and you can dye your hair while you are at it, too!

And the day got even better -- thanks to cruising blogs, I found out the fall Knitty is up -- I've already put some of the patterns in my Ravelry queue!

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