17 September, 2008

Even in America

one can get slow/almost useless internet connections LOL We moved rooms twice where we are staying before we got something good.

Not getting a lot of sleep, have tons to do, and the other family member has a very serious cold. No fun.

But the weather is lovely -- almost no humidity, slightly breezy, and very comfortable.

The BIG shock? People driving sanely, staying in their lanes, giving plenty of room, and driving the speed limit. That wasn't usually the case where we just came from - LOL.

On my "to do list" today is to buy some brighter light bulbs so I can do some knitting, if I ever get a brain back. Luckily we know the area well, as we just get in the rental car and go on autopilot -- truly. This car doesn't talk to you, but seems to have most of the other gadgets. And I need to go find the fall Vogue magazine, and eventually get Norway's pkg. to her!

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