17 September, 2008

How not to succumb to jet lag

I've honestly tried everything before: naps/no naps; coffee/no coffee; melatonin/Tylenol PM ...

this time I'm trying:
not to take a nap by sitting at a table in front of a freezing air conditioner and looking at knitting blogs online (yay for a good connection now!)


making some coffee after having had a deli turkey sandwich and the "I can't help my junk food sweet-tooth US Halloween candy corn candy and Twizzlers strawberry licorice sticks" -- so now I'm freezing AND feeling ikky after all that sugar

so I will

go get some coffee out of the coffee pot and throw the rest of the candy in the trash. I've had my fix now. And yes, the Halloween stuff is out in the stores.

Knitting? What's that? I'd be asleep in a nano-second.


Dee D said...

I think your computer is suffering from jet lag, or something, your post is showing a date of Wed., Sept. 17th, 9:57 PM, and I'm reading this at 2:40 in the afternoon. What a sugar high - Candy Corn and Twizzlers.

Anonymous said...

Oh - we miss Halloween candy!