01 December, 2011

December 1st .... hopeful

Did you know there is a Yule Goat? I like to think the "bag" below is full of knitting yarn for knitters around the world :)

All "holiday celebrations" aside, I'm almost stunned to realize today is December 1st.

We've had a busy and complicated year, and I don't want to count the combined times hubby (mostly hubby) and I have packed and unpacked suitcases during the year.

I'm hoping for a quiet December, and I made a huge push to get Christmas shopping done by today.  We helped family members during the year, so basically I just needed to take care of "stocking stuffers".  That is done, and Amazon.com has taken care of the rest LOL

So I'm looking forward now to some quality knitting time, and yesterday I spent time with my swift, winding balls of yarn that hopefully will become fabulous knitted gems.  Some of the items I wound yarn for:

Ziggity shawl  (photo from Ravelry designer page)
I have some Madelinetosh tosh merino light in gray and ginger for this!

An early Xmas present from Swans Island Yarns arrived for Kate Davie's funchal moebius 
a lovely giveaway by the "aplayfulday" podcast and Lisa of NorthboundKnitting  netted me a SUPER skein of Lisa's BFL fingering in a shimmery blue sea-foam color .... I'm in love.  {Lisa is lisa312 on Ravelry if you want to check out her designs and more of her yarns.} 
I think I'm going to give myself a gift this month and try and blog every day ... it should be fun!

Happy December!


MiA said...

Oh! I think you found a swedish picture there... The "julbock" can be found in many swedish homes at xmas. It is usually made of straw and placed by the xmas tree :)

Gorgeous yarn!!


MaryjoO said...

I love the story behind it all! And I am sure I have a small one that I have put on the tree all these years :)