10 November, 2011

Glorious Fall

We're back in the US - both the husband and myself!  Kazakhstan  this summer was wonderful to return to, and oh-so-bitter sweet to leave again.  After returning in late September, we both sort of got over jet lag, and then hubby was off again to Geneva for a few weeks.

We met up last week in Virginia for a family wedding, and have just returned.  We had hoped to go up to the mountains immediately, but the kitchen upgrade my brother- in -law arranged in September isn't quite finished yet, so we are back in our Sacramento home for a week.  THEN we hope to go up to the mountains!

While in VA, I had some time to myself and had two or three trips to the Fibre Space knitting store in Alexandria, VA.  Oh my.  Fabulous place -- saw the new Brooklyn Tweed LOFT yarn, saw the Viola brand for the first time and more.  I came away with a few goodies:

This magazine:
I had seen the issue before and hadn't thought I'd make much in it.  At a second glance though, there are quite a few accessories I really liked, so I was happy to pick it up.

Santa came early -- the shop had Jordana Paige bags, and one was on my Xmas list.

 The bag is put away and waiting for wrapping.

I also had fun getting some  yarn for a Issey scarf
by Olgajazzy (photo from her Ravelry pattern page) and

some needles that I've not used before (the ChiaoGoo lace needles w/a red cable). I needed a size to work on a travel project, and do like the points and the cable.  The stainless steel  metal is quite rigid, but I quickly got used to it.  I guess I still am a "polished" Addi circular girl at heart though!

While sitting and knitting, I met a woman and her husband who live in Bethesda/Silver Spring  but originally come from New Orleans.  Of course we had a conversation about ... food :) She is also a dyer and has a shop on Etsy! and a new blog for her fiber updates at french market fibers .  I'm looking forward to trying her items!

Brooklyn Tweed's LOFT yarn was lovely, but I actually didn't buy any.  It is fingering weight, tweedy,  and has great yardage.  But I actually have plenty of Scandinavian/Norwegian yarn like that, so for me it wasn't a "must buy."  It was lovely to "see it in person" though.  Fibre Space also stocks SHELTER, so it was nice to see all that, too.  The shop is GREAT -- elegant yarns, great sitting area, near to a nice area and very easily accessible from the King Street metro stop. Fun!!


Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

I love your blog! Consider me a new follower. Your travels are amazing and like the informative tutorials for knitting.

P.S. I LOVE Chiaogoo needles!! I used to be Addi obsessed, and have since become a Chiaogoo convert (blasphemous, right!). On the regular Red circs, the join is super smooth and slightly bent allowing the stitches to flow a little better. And for the price, you can't beat it! The stainless steel also doesn't tarnish or change after long usage (my Addi's are doing that for some reason) and I think the red cable is cute. Enjoy