31 August, 2011

First Day of School

We are still in Kazakhstan, and it is the first day of school.  That means, like almost every place else in the world, summer comes to an end and we all get back to some sort of schedule or rhythm.  It also means we have about 3.5 weeks left here, and then we'll be back home!  Yay!

Today I'm going shopping to get a few things that are hard to find in the US -- you know. like my favorite Faber- Castel pencils with erasers

and a manti steamer (metal steamer to steam any type of dumplings).  We like to make manti the way our friend Laura G (this is not her recipe though) does, and you really need a proper pot.  Here they make a different/larger type and I finally found a photo of a steamer!

And in preparation for eventual packing and trying to keep some sanity in my life, yesterday I organized my WIPs and stash that I have here, and tidied up stash/project info on Ravelry.  Now I can go into the fall with "photos" of what I have on the needles ready to get finished.  I have a couple of small projects I hope I can finish very soon, but need to keep working on these (and more....):

I also tidied up my stash photos -- sometimes I had to add photos from the web but now I can also "see" what I have.  That's why I "joined" Ravelry in the first place "so" many years ago -- to keep track of what I have.  "Who Knew" that it would turn out to be such a fabulous place for us all?

I couldn't stand not blocking this, so I tried a new method LOL -- steam iron.  Somehow, the wool was not affected and it turned out lovely.  The Aestlight shawl from The Shetland Trader - at least something got finished ROFL!

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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

What a wonderful great adventure you are having. Love the Pot. Your crocheting is very very lovely. I look forward to hearing more about your travel adventures.

PS. Thanks for the information on the African Flowers. Hugs Judy