19 August, 2011

10,000 Hours knitting project

I "belong" to a lot of groups on Ravelry, mostly to gleam information from generous knitters who have already knit a project that I current am doing or plan to do.  Periodically I go through my group list and "leave the group" if I really haven't checked it for a while.

This morning, on the Art Knitters group I found a link to a 10,000 Hours project. Laura I. is taking the premise of it "taking 10,000 hours to become a master at something" to her knitting, and documenting her progress along the way.  Quite interesting!  And what a "job" LOL to document everything.  I imagine a lot of us have put in hours and hours and hours over the years, but never think about how these "minutes" add up.

Many knitters are like me:  we like to knit for many reasons. .  But I suspect those "lots of reasons" really boils down to the love of learning something new about the craft of knitting.  I'm always taking on a project because "I've not done that before."  This weekend I want to finish the 2nd sock of a pair that I used "Fleegle's heel" on -- a fun, strange knit, but it gives you a heel that fits like a dream.

This fall I will start "Knitting From the Library."  I have hundreds of pdfs in my Ravelry library, tons of magazines, tons of books and a ton of stash.  I've invested in some Signature circulars this summer, hoping that those dreamy needles will help me keep to projects and not get too diverted.  I of course am waiting with many others for Signature to come out with the smaller sizes as  I use so many circulars for magic loop, in the size 0, 1 and 2 size.

But for a while ... wish me luck on the WIPs I have with me! 

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