07 December, 2011

Baking along .....

So much for posting every day!

But this week  I've been doing lots of baking, so I thought I'd post my/our favorite family recipes for cookies and candy. Each recipe is doubled or tripled, so there has been lots of mess, flour and butter and ... listening to great Xmas music.  Let's just say there haven't  been fancy dinners though!

Peppermint Crunch Bark  (All time FAVORITE/move over William-Sonoma)
  (you MUST be prepared to hunt down Lundt white chocolate -- in 4.4 oz bars)

Cranberry Jewels cookies

Chocolate fudge from the Marshmallow fluff jar recipe (shock! but the best!)

Mexican Wedding Cake cookies from Rose's Christmas cookie book

James Beard's Quick Cranberry Bread

that's all for this week so far!  Tomorrow -- black and whites, and maybe something "new".

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