20 June, 2011

Sunday internet trolling and my eye candy project of the moment

I spent a lot of time yesterday trolling on Pinterest  (I'm MaryjoOrd there) and then wandered around Ravelry, looking at my latest "have to do" eye candy project by attic24 - her Japanese flower scarf.  I don't want to commandeer her photos here, so go to her link.

 THEN I discovered there is a Rav group of followers of her projects 

and I just couldn't get enough.  I have a ton of stuff with me, and much more than is photographed in a couple of posts below.  But somehow I just want to crochet, or work with lighter weight yarns than I brought with. So I ordered some Debblie Bliss Andes to try out the Japanese flower motifs, AND then I ordered the Japanese book on Etsy

 although I found a variation of the Japanese pattern generously supplied by Elizabeth Cat ... so I'll practice with her version until I get the book from Japan (and then try and figure THAT out LOL)

I also recently bought some lovely thin cotton by Vita (Rose) but want to go back to the store tomorrow to see if they have one more pink and a stronger green, as I want to try some of these beauties or maybe even this  -- what can I say -- I'm on a pink jag! 

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craftivore said...

Oh yes, granny square scarves have been catching my eye too!