22 June, 2011

Flower Bed CAL

I think I'm pushing my limit on how much time I can spend on the internet trolling, but once you start .... links and more links.

I've found (and joined) a fabulous site 
that is dedicated to making crocheted flowers -- mostly the Japanese garden flower which I posted about below.  The posts/results of people's work are fabulous -- I've spent most of the day going through the site post by post. There are also a lot of links and tips.

I've also spent enough time (and am not finished) winding the Vita cotton into ball that I now need to wear my wrist "Smart Glove" wrist "protectors" -- my wrists are hurting from the winding and all the internet surfing.  Who can I blame but myself?  I've ordered a ball winder and will NEVER travel again without one in my suitcase.  Never mind that I somehow managed to get along without one until about 3.5 years ago LOL.  But I also hate knitting or crocheting from those pre-wound "rectangular" commercial skeins ... I hate the yanking that I have to do -- it interrupts the stitching flow.  So I am going the "slow" way and stopped everything until I get all these cotton skeins done.

I've got one small African flower patch done and love the colors.

 So I need to get moving on the winding so I can get more out.  I still haven't "finalized" what I might end up with.  Since I won't be here that long, I won't be able to "go back" months later and get more "background color" for whatever project I end up with. 


fluffbuff said...

You've gone to the dark side!
I have so far managed to resist the urge to pick up a new textile hobby. I will not follow your links, hear me?

MaryjoO said...

Hehe ... I do both, but mostly knit. But you are still an enabler (I still have your blog up in a browser page to go through, 2 days later....) But today I'm going to knit LOL

Dee D said...

Welcome to the crochet flower craze. I've been making lots of flowers with a lace weight merino. This morning I decided enough-is-enough and started joining them into a scarf.

Love your coloration selection.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello, I am very new to crocheting and I just join the flower bed site. I absolutely love you African Flower Patch even more than the Japanese Flowers. I have attempted this flower twice with NO sucess. very sad face. But I may be able to follow a pattern for the African Patch. May I ask where you bought the pattern for this flower. Thanks for you help.
Hugs Judy