19 June, 2011

Summer in the city

Time is marching on already .... I sponsored a small World Wide Knit in Public Day event which was a lot of fun.  Too bad it was at lunch time and people couldn't stay long!

At the same time, I took a few photos of the back yard here.  Since these photos were taken, the flowers have come out big-time so I'll try and take a few photos when the weather improves (today is overcast)

 shopping is SO much better -- there are many more choices now (a "Green" supermarket) and the good-old-stand-by-but cleaned-up Evrasia covered market with fresh food and consumer goods

and in Green we found THIS -- expensive, but worth gold here as one seldom finds it
I will be wondering until the end of my days HOW this got here, a ga-zillion miles away so to speak.  And no, it is not expired!

My "local" LYS is still here, and the ladies remembered me LOL.  The front sign did get a make over, but the name is still the same:  "Elegant", and they still have Addi Turbos.  Haven't needed any yet though!

there is another place in town for needlework - wow.

 They have embroidery items and even fabric for cross stitch.  A lot is imported from Russia, but still is DMC or whatever.  They also stock some "fun fur" type of yarns and a Turkish line called "YarnArt" but none of it appealed to me.  I did see a "Knit Pro" (aka Knit Picks outside of the US) wooden crochet hook and wondered if they had any more "Knit Pro" items but I didn't see any.  I did get a "stork scissor" though -- super sharp, but necessary.  Household scissors just don't do the trick sometimes in cutting yarns or cottons. 

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fluffbuff said...

Costco cheese in Central Asia? :D