07 June, 2011

In Kazakhstan for the summer: summer knitting project lists

I flew a ga-zillion miles it seems a few weeks ago to be with hubby for the summer, and had a pleasant loop around the world from  Sacramento-San Francisco-Frankurt-Astana. --  about 9,000+ miles and 13 times zones.  We won't talk about what those time zones do to me, but I'm over all that "jet lag thing".  Hubby was very smart to get me here in time to get over the jet lag for my birthday -- I'll amend this post later with some photos.

But what I really want to do is make a list of some of the knitting projects I brought with me.  I already seem to have stuff strewn everywhere, and can't keep track of what I have.  Pathetic LOL

today's frogging:  I had started the (above) lovely  Hidcote Garden shawl from MimKnits  (photo from mimknits.com)
in the Woolen Rabbit's Whisper Merino lace in her rosemary and thyme colorway.  It is a very sweet sage green, but I fear that it will look totally washed out with my coloring, sigh.  So I'm going to order some a purpleish colorway to make a shawl that has intrigued me for a while:

Stripe Study Shawl byVeera Välimäki

there are a ton of projects already on Ravelry for the Stripe Study Shawl and one is forewarned about the garter stitch "ennui", but I also need something to knit on while sitting at the computer.  Otherwise, I think everything else I have "in my mind" is chart-related knitting.  I'll save the Hidcote pattern for another time; MimKnits has divine patterns and I always have a few purchased to think about starting.

On the needles:
Serab socks from the book Silk Road Socks (see post below)
the yarn I'm using is Socrates:  I've never used it before, and think it probably will be better suited for gloves in the future.  It is, however, super soft and comfy -- it is just a little strange knitting with this after using W-meise type of yarns in the past for socks.   Luckily, Addi turbo lace-point knitting needles have come to the rescue -- those stitches need to be "picked."!

Next:  Mystic Roses shawl by Anna Dalvi (Knit & Knag Designs).  Anna's shawl pattern are always glorious, slightly time-consuming, but great for keeping the brain occupied.  I will make her patterns forever (just slowly, LOL)  I'm lucky to have an entire skein of Wollmeise Lace-garn, at its wonderful 1500+ meters -- in Rosenrot!
this is a big shawl with lots of chart juggling, but I do love this kind of knitting to keep the chatter in my brain down.

To finish up:
Fleegle heel socks w/Lorna's Lace yarn  (I'm on the second sock, almost to the heel)

 "old" Mystery sock with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock lightweight
one sock is as shown (needs the foot); second sock done almost to the toe.  Scrumptious yarn!!

"Vanilla" sock pattern (based on what Carin from Round the Twist uses)  with Patons' Kroy socks -- stiff but I love them -- they will be perfect for the winter on hard floors.  Working on second sock.....

other "stash" yarn I brought with me:
Handgefärbte Sockenwolle by Tausendschön for socks
Sock Yarn from an indie dyer - Alexandra's Crafts - in blackberry
 Madelinetosh Tosh Lace, in Scarlett (950 yds)

I'll post soon about some local "grabs" and then I'll "see" what I sent myself in the air freight, which comes later this week.

But what I think I need is to find the URL for the blog sidebar widget for project completed percentages "bars" -- what the heck are those things called? LOL (and the font is doing something strange....)


craftivore said...

Oh my gosh, what a fabulous summer you will have! You definitely have your work cut out for you knitting wise, should be very productive. Photos of Kazakhstan please!

fluffbuff said...

Happy birthday!
Looks like you are all settled and well supplied with projects and yarns.