15 May, 2011

Off to see the Wizard

I'll be joining hubby soon in Kazaksthan where we lived before -- it will be fascinating to see how things have changed in the two years since we've been gone.  It's very exciting to think about seeing some people -- somehow, whenn you travel so much, you don't often "get back."  This will be a rare opportunity to travel 13 times zones to go back to a placce we enjoyed very much. 

I've spent the day doing a dry run for packing -- the trauma actually was trying to figure out which knitting projects to work on.  I'll mainly be working on socks from the Silk Road Sock book, and have yarn for 2 shawls.  And some UFO sock projects to get done, too.  And if I somehow manage to get through all that I have packed/mailed myself, there is always the local LYS and mail order LOL

And, a repeat here of a favorite photo hubby took of the inside of a yurt by the Aral Sea in 2008:


fluffbuff said...

Buon viaggio! How long will you be gone?

That's a great photo inside the yurt.

MaryjoO said...

a few months ... what are you up to these days?