01 March, 2011

Off to the post office

to mail the finally finished pair of gloves for niece Maggie Margaret -- how I love the patterns written by Julia Mueller from Laris Designs

These were made with Miss Babs Yummy sock and baby yarn using 2.0m and 2.25mm Addi needles/magic loop method, and a metal blunt darning needle for the cable needle :)  Now I just have to give my hands a break and then start some other pattern from Julia.

We have a great small post office about a mile from our house and I've joked with the "guys" there that they will probably see me once a week while John is traveling.  Today's "care package" is more granola cereal from Trader Joe's -- too bad they don't do mail order!.

1 comment:

Julia Montagne said...

They're gorgeous!