20 February, 2011

Quilting ... forward!

I used to quilt, then put "it" away for quite a few years.  Now, after 2 household moves and at least 4 years, I'm reading to start reacquainting myself with my fabric "stash" and my UFOs and WIPs.  I'm going to "take out" 2 machine piecing projects and one hand paper-piecing project, and try and stay on task.

So ... some ANCIENT blocks that I want to continue on:  I have plenty of fabric, and the sewing is easy.  I just need to pull a pile "out" of tubs. 

So:  I need to make more blocks.  But all the time I'll be thinking about "setting" or sashing ideas and the only thing I can think that would work right now is something linear.  I can't see these blocks butted up against each other.  And I'll also have to decide how to balance the "outside" color so the "lights" don't take over.  But ANY ideas suggestions welcome for this quilt's future!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't exactly qualify that as easy. It's gorgeous though!!! Keep going!

Thérèse said...

Those are beautiful blocks! You can't see them set right against one another? I can - it would be a wonderful explosion of stars. Maybe just make some more and start laying them out to see if the idea grows on you?

H2Ogirl said...

these are lovely. I like the idea of a linear outside for these. Maybe you can draw out the blue in a few of these with some solids to make it pop.