23 January, 2011

A Ravelry style site .. for quilters!

Knitters always "percolate" their next project as they are knitting their current one -- my "next" project is actually to get back to doing some quilting.

Never mind that I need to attack my sewing room, but that will get done.  And I need to get my niece Margaret's gloves done that she wants: Eisblume - without beads -  by Julia Mueller - yarn by Miss Babs
 But I'm giving myself until the end of January to get my act together in the clean up.  Then I will open the "left" side of the closet in my sewing room and bring out some sewing things.  It's been about .... 5 years since I last touched fabric?   Yikes.

But thanks to photos and projects by quiltmomoffivechawne and be*mused (and others) on Flickr ... I think I'm ready to get back into the saddle some.

Then chawne tells me there is a "Ravelry type site" now:  mysewingcircle.com.  Oh my -- not sure where I'm going to find hours in the day to hang around in there, but it will be fun learning what they have to offer.  The first "circle" (group) I found, of course, was a group made up of people on Ravelry.

Knitting and quilting often seem to intersect!  The podcast Fiber Beat by wondermike just featured an interview with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably -- knitters and quilters.  Kaffe also discusses one of his recent quilting books:  Simple Shapes . I was lucky to get it this week from my local library.  I hope to add it to MY library soonish, but in general, I have already have plenty of books that I love, and one or two others by Kaffe.  Now I need to see if mysewingcircle has a library feature like Ravelry to list books...
I started quilting in "Jinny Beyer" country in Virginia in the late 1980's, and the second quilted item I made was a mariner's compass runner (show in post below) - it is still one of my favorite pieces.

Quilting has followed me around the world, too - the US Embassy in Almaty, Kazakhstan (the Embassy is now located in Astana, Kz) hosted an exhibit of quilts from Gee's Bend.  We hosted a mini-preview at the Residence before the major exhibit downtown.  It was SO thrilling! Karen Musgrave traveled with the quilts and gave a couple of master classes.  I "lent" about 30 books on quilting and textiles to the exhibit, and donated some fabrics for the classes.

So ... if I fall into a black hole, come looking for me on mysewingcircle.com LOL


Francesca said...

Julia Mueller's gloves are gorgeous, and so is the blue you chose.

BryeLynn said...

You should check out www.seamedup.com! Me and a few friends just launched it. It is still in BETA mode, so there is a waiting list right now. We are adding new features weekly, but we already have ways to browse fabrics and patterns; you can fill your sewing room with your stash, pattern library, projects, etc... Moda has given us access to their vast database so new fabrics and patterns are loaded weekly.

lbccpa said...

I too have been wondering if thre was a quilt/seweing equivalent to ravelry. I have put away my sewing machine in favor of more portable project, knit wise. Now that daughter is driving age I am no longer needed as taxi and have been thinking of returning to my first love; I know I have at least one unfinished wip. Will check out mysewingcircle.com

Passenger Ferries said...

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