09 January, 2011

Past, Present and Future

I knit, but I used to quilt for a long time.  My fabric "stash" is starting to call my name, but I'm not quite ready to answer back yet.

This was the 2nd quilting project I ever did -- no one told me that the mariner's compass was supposed to be "hard."  It is all done by hand, although I eventually made my peace with machine piecing.  I still hand quilt though -- not beautifully, but I need the relaxation of the needle.

I gifted this runner to my late mother years ago; she "gave it back" to me when she was downsizing.  I actually display it all year in our living room and am happy to have it.

Jinny Beyer fabrics from the early 1990's, I think.

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Francesca said...

It's a beautiful quilt and very festive.