09 December, 2010

Snowrain - days of it!

I think we are on our second or third day of "snowrain" up  here -- strange, and wet.  But we will be tidying up today to go back to "sea level" aka home today or tomorrow, so I need to get off the computer and get with the "clean up".

But just wanted to add my Gretel hat and mitts I finished the other day.  I LOVED the Gretel pattern (by Ysolda) -- the cables were easy but fun, and the hat is fabulous.  I definitely will make it again.  The mitts were just a quick crochet to use up the rest of the skeins of yarn I had -- I like mitts without thumbs, I think, or like the way they look worn, anyway.

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torirot said...

The hat looks beautiful! Lovely cables!