24 December, 2010

Ending up 2010

Our family had a interesting year this year with my husband traveling a lot, but I did get to join him in Prague for a month.  Prague was our first overseas Foreign Service assignment 32 years ago, so to go back and "work" again was a privilege.  We still have some Czech friends there, and a best girl friend from high school in Greece also lives there, so I was not bored or lonely.  What I enjoyed most though was walking through the winding streets and seeing how the city is being cleaned up, block by block, to its glorious architecture, full of "Hapsburg" yellow and more.

I then spent most of the summer in the mountains, "overseeing" some appliance upgrades (and all the work involved with converting 2 items from electric to gas), and enjoying the great late spring and summer weather.

The end of the year leaves us sad though, as both my uncle and my late mother's twin sister passed away this year - my aunt last week.  I was able to spend about a week with my aunt in October, so I'll have some great memories of being able to visit with her.

But for today:  we are just about wrapping up holiday preparations and will be making Armenian and Kazakh manti for Christmas Eve dinner.  My daughter and her husband arrive late this evening for two days, and our son comes a few days after Christmas for a week.  We hope to get up to the mountains during this week -- and dig ourselves in for a few days.  There is a LOT of snow up there now!
And for 2011?  I hope to start some sort of exercise program (yes, seriously), blog more, knit more, and continue to enjoy the online crafting community that is always fun.  I never fail to learn something new!
And yes, do some traveling LOL

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year--  but as the Russians say, you MUST say С наступающим Новым Годом!
(greetings in advance for the New Year) because it is NOT New Year's yet!

Oh, and I also want to make MYSELF a sweater -- at least one! And an Arne and Carlos Christmas Ball, too -- before New Year's!

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torirot said...

The Christmas balls are fun - go ahead!
Hope you have a nice Christmas, and a happy New Year (in advance, I mean..)