01 January, 2011

Happy New Year!

We're up in the mountains ... with a LOT of snow. 

I did get ONE Julekuler ball knitted though before New Year's ... but we forgot to bring cameras up here, so I'll have to figure out how to take an iphone camera and then get the photo up here.  I'm not on my regular computer, so all bets are off on a huge success.  Ahh, got it done ... and then realized that I hadn't steamed the ball yet LOL ... wait, I don't own a steamer!  Off to JoAnn's fabrics when I get home as I plan to make a few of these :)

But for all of us, and especially our family, I hope 2011 brings in a good, new year.

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torirot said...

Happy New Year! Let's see how many "Julekuler" 2011 brings:-)