03 December, 2010

A day to myself ... on the computer

We had friends for dinner last night .... fun, but as usual, are always left with a lot of dishes (we are up in the mountains).  After we got through the "gunk" this morning, John left to go skiing and I decided to spend the day on the computer, on


It is a combination of Flickr, trolling on a ton of sites to find things you like, and more.  It has made me want to really pare down my Flickr and Ravelry photos and just put up the ones that "count" -- nothing like a new site to get you organized.  It will also help me filter through a lot of things I have in Ravelry -- I fav/queque a lot of things so I won't forget them, but in the end, it all is too much.

But it is interesting to see what others like -- lots of DIY, design, wish lists and clean clean looks (meaning no clutter LOL).  As someone else said, you learn a lot about yourself, especially if you are a visual learner, by what you "post" and organize. 

Right now, I seem to be enamored with all things Grey.  Interesting!

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