01 December, 2010

Internet "time suckers"

I hate to use "that" term, although trolling the internet does often take up a lot of one's time.  But I don't mind -- I have the time, and I'm always finding something new/interesting/informative ... you can fill in the blanks!

But two new sites have come on-line this month ... RockMelt web broswer and Pinterest.   Rockmelt combines using a web browser simultaneously with Facebook and Twitter.  I don't use Facebook THAT much to use the site, I don't think, but you never know :)

Pinterest will be a LOT of fun if I dare let myself spend any time on it -- it is a visual "catalog of things you love."  So you can post and see your or others' (saved)  photos of art, design works and more -- obviously knitting and knits have already shown up.  I could get lost there, for sure, with photos that have been taken or saved from urls around the 'net.

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