12 March, 2010

March rattling along

It is March now, with strange weather -- blossoming trees here in Sacramento, but still needing the heat on.

We've been traveling, so to speak -- to Santa Cruz, the Sierra, and then to the East coast for a family funeral. 

Then back home for a few days of  "house" catch up, with a 2 trips to IKEA to get a dresser and chair for the guest room, which now needs to stop being the "dumping" "back room."  But with hubby traveling AGAIN for a few days, I plan to just sit and knit and try and finish my Eisblume Olympic project gloves.  Unfortunately, they failed to get a medal, but hey, I wonder how many of the 4033 people that signed up with the Yarn Harlot only "participated" like me? I stopped reading the Ravelry posts, but I know a lot of people got a lot done.

The Olympics?  Don't get me started.  NBC -- well, let's just say if I can't say anything nice, I can't say anything. Period.  Why can't we just  get Eurosport and all the events?

While traveling I did start a small project -- Dizzy Lizzy on Ravelry -- a nice reminder of short rows. 

The Eisblume gloves ARE coming along:  one glove just needs the fingers, and I'm cruising along on row 20 of the hand of the second glove.  I hope to get them done this weekend!


craftivore said...

No real blossoming here in NH yet, but the crocuses are just past peak and I think the daffodils are next. Otherwise it's rainy, cold, and in the 40s. I love your Dizzy Lizzy, so festive.

Jackie said...

Dizzy Lizzy - I'll have to go look at that!
Our daffs, primroses and crocus's are blooming, and we still have lots of snowdrops...maybe because more snow has been forecast, we may have a white Easter. We've had so many hard frosts some of our shrubs look dead, but the lilac bush is in full bud already.