12 February, 2010

2010 Olympics: casting on for Ravelympics 2010 knitting project!

The traveling family member is back from "around the world in 42 days" and somehow I've persuaded him to not have us dash to our beloved Sierra and stay "home" another week or so before we shovel ourselves in for a fun time up there.

Ravelry always rises to the occasion, and this time of course it is the Ravelyompics.2010.  We all get to "cast on" this evening when the opening games start -- officially I think it is 6:00 pm PST.

I'll be working on Julia Mueller (Laris Designs) Eisblume gloves in Madelinetosh Tosh sock yarn -- wish me luck! (and trying to use the magic loop for the first time for the entire project LOL)

and the Yarn Harlot has also stepped up to the plate ... wonder how many people have signed up :)


Maria said...

Go! Go! Go! I like magic loop much better than using double points. I'm doing the sleeves of my sweater magic loop.

weaverknits said...

Beautiful glove pattern! Will yours have beads? I can't imagine magic looping those tiny, tiny fingers. Good luck with that!

MaryjoO said...

beads are NOT in the picture LOL and I don't think I'll make the deadline either, but still am enjoying making them very much. Can't figure out why it took me so long to like magic loop so much though :)