10 January, 2010

An Up and Coming knitting designer

Knitting has been around a LONG time. And luckily, it has generally been a fluid craft, in all manners of speaking.

Much has been written recently about the social phenomenon of “knitting on-line.” There are groups, knit-alongs, classes on-line, knitting how-to-videos, and more. Ravelry has brought MUCH under its umbrella, and continues to expand.

We are very fortunate right now to still have access to the “tried and true” traditional stitch/colorwork patterns, AND have new young designers tempting us! One new designer has also come to be a wonderful on-line friend.

Meet Julia Mueller of Laris Designs. She is Laris on Ravelry. Check out her projects and designs and gasp! with delight and awe at her original patterns. She also maintains a couple of groups,and is unfailingly generous with her KAL patterns, of which Bobbie continues to be a favorite.  She also has a design in the fall 2009 Twist Collective.

With her exquisitely clearly written patterns, the “miracle” of pdfs, PayPal, her blog, and her groups on Ravelry, she has totally “wowed” us.  Even more amazing is that she manages these great ideas while still being a university student in Germany. It boggles the mind to think of designing in the first place, but to design in “another language” ? another WOW.

And this month you can find a little write up about her in the just- out Vogue Knitting winter 2009/2010 (page 14) – always nice to be recognized!

Way to go, Julia!! And thank you for all the great designs!

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Thea said...

holy shit. I did gasp. Those are some absolutely gorgeous gloves!! Thanks for the recommendation....