09 January, 2010

January Fog and taking care of one's hands

It seems that Europe is in the midst of unexpected cold temps and totally unexpected snow, as is part of the US, too.

We have FOG.  Days worth.  And no, I don't live in San Francisco.  The good news is that it is not pouring down rain at the same time (although the news says we could use the rain).  And fog does provide a tiny bit of precipitation.  But I'm still thinking of friends in England who are, to me, in a winter wonderland at the moment.  I'm sure they don't think it is quite so wonderful though.

I've been "off-line" most of the past  week with a good wake- up lesson on computer/body ergonomics.  I have a new computer, and didn't realize how much further "back" the keypad is from my last laptop.  And of course there was a new terrific but larger mouse to go with the computer, too.  A whole day of cleaning up things in a blog reader did my hands in:  I realized that I 1) often sit and read at the computer leaning on my left elbow and 2) type and "mouse" with my wrists FLAT.  That is definitely a "no-no", for sure.

So, to make a long story short, lots of ibuprofen, computer rest, going back to my old mouse, and finding some nice "computer tools" at Best Buy have helped a lot.  So I think I can crochet today! Yay!

this Belkin cush desk tilts my laptop so I get a better angle for my hands 

and these two wrist "helpers" are making all the difference!
a mouse pad with a wrist rest  (available at Best Buy stores) and a little bean bag type wrist rest

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You know we're a bit obsessive when a computer and some knitting do us in. I had tennis elbow so bad last year, that I had to pick up my Diet Coke with my left hand. The culprit...knitting. Did I quit? Heck, no!!!