14 November, 2009

Settling in for the fall and coming winter

The resident computer guru (aka husband) is now back from traveling/working, and spent 1.5 days putting Windows 7 on all the computers.  Whew -- what a job!  But he also brought back the most gloriously beautiful Bulgarian slippers socks

the slippers socks have a dark dark green background, and feel like they are made of "steel" -- very stiff and strong!

But now that our household has returned to its normal size, we'll be going back and forth to the mountains -- hopefully we'll have some snow up there soon.  Here in Sacramento, the leaves are falling... quickly!

I'll be busy working on an afghan and other Christmas presents, but am continually pleased at what hard-to-find/out of print craft books I'm able to get from the library.  The latest borrowing is
Poems of Color (that I actually HAD once, can you believe it?) - but it does look like it is available on Amazon right now.

But to bring a real smile to your face:  (from Belgian TV ad for a mini-series called "Looking for Maria")

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