10 November, 2009

Library Borrowings

thanks to great in-state library borrowing, I'm finally getting to look at some out-of-print items. 

Recently also borrowed Magnificent Mittens by Charlene Schurch, which is scheduled to be republished this fall.

Wonder if Fancy Feet/Simply Socks (Simply Socks is the paperback name of Fancy Feet) will ever be re-printed?

But thankfully, we all held out for this .... and the reprint is great (color and all!) 


weaverknits said...

Magnificent Mittens is coming!!! Hooray! I've borrowed that one from the library several times in the past few years!

Enjoy! I could spend days looking at these books...

Unionpearl said...

*sigh* the oop book is the bain of every knitter. But there is the Marcia Lewandowski book on Andean folk knits...

Really wish there were a new book on Turkish stockings, though (although I'm lucky enough to have two of the old ones).

Love the book shot! Have fun.