21 November, 2009

Finally -- snow! And a shawl

We were "waiting" all day it yesterday (it seemed) for the forecasted snow to appear -- it finally did, starting at 2:00 pm.  But thankfully we can still drive our car down the hill!

And when I should have been working on Christmas knitting and crochet projects, I finished the Wast Side Shawl from The Shetland Trader, and used my KnitPicks blocking lace wires for the first time.
The yarn is from The Sanguine Gryphon -- Little Traveler, coming in at a generous 560 yard/4 oz/113 grams - I had 8 grams left. 

1 comment:

Pinneguri said...

What a beautiful colour and shawl! And nicey picture too :)

I have got a parcel. From America. With a magazine and yarn, and happy thoughts. Thank you so much. I was esp happy about the yarn; you know I am a great fan of fiberphile. And esp happy about the magazine as I didn't have it, and the Finull tam and the orenburg shawl and mittens were just up my alley! Thank you so much.
Maybe I shouldn't have opened it before Christmas?