25 November, 2009

Holiday time just around the corner and Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving, where we will all eat too much and then get to eat more as leftovers; we do enjoy it though.  Thanksgiving also seems to be the "kick-off" for holiday planning, shopping, cooking and baking.

My husband and I made a few lists today, including which cookies I'll make in the  next month.  I did start the season early with a wonderful recipe for layered peppermint crunch bark  (you could buy it at William's Sonoma, but why?)

I also usually put up a holiday "themed" wallpaper on my computer at this time of year, and found some favorite shots from things past:

oh, how I've missed these designs!  Yes, I've done a few other things and spent a LOT of time reading about new shawl and glove patterns, but I really want to get back to these ... after the Christmas projects I have to finish knitting and crocheting!

And ... there is another new time-sucker.  It is called .... Twitter.  It is MUCH worse (addictive wise) than Facebook!  There are many knitters and crafters on Twitter, and reading their tweets is like reading a headline of a blog.  Yes, a blog.  I haven't read a blog in months .... just too much to read and do!  But it does seem that many blogs are still going strong ... and waiting for me to get back to them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.  Schoolhouse press has just announced the release of the re-written Elizabeth Zimmerman cardigan that was featured in the online Twist Collective knitting magazine ... ordering my copy of the pattern very soon!

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