18 March, 2009

You either love it .... or not! ХОХЛОМА

When you live "overseas" for a long time, you tend to collect things (Webster's Dictionary: "stuff").

And then you get sick of the "stuff". You "get sick of it" because you see it so often that it isn't "special" anymore, or you just buy too much of it. I got tired of Gzhel, and gave most of it away.

But I will never tire of Khokhloma - хохлома - read about it here at Wiki. One can find some totally "over the top" items, but there are also tons of every day utilitarian items for the home. I happen to have a "few", and a lovely painting, too!

I'm not sure if these children's books are still available, but they are a form of "coloring book" to color or practice your strokes with:

And here is the chair to the chair and table set that my children used in the mid-1980s


IrkaDblrka said...

Amazing - I had a chair just like it when I was a child (in Moscow), with a little table! Looks like they were really popular at certain time period in USSR!
And I love хохлома as well - it is so full of light, joy and positive energy! :)

MaryjoO said...

what is truly amazing LOL is that we know others who bought the same chair and table set ... and the set is "still going strong" ... all that shellac I guess :)

be*mused jan said...

Love, love, love that folk painting on the chair and pitchers!
Khokhloma...never heard that word, but now I'll remember it. If you have more items, do share them sometime!!

MamaShift said...

I knew someone in Bishkek who had bought the table and chairs in Moscva. They were selling a set at Destky Mir in Kyiv, but I never got around to buying it. Wasn't a good idea since we moved all our stuff here in the car.