18 March, 2009

Wait!! They are still unpacking??

Yep, thank goodness, in a way. Who knew the coveted French rolling pin (greatly missed at Christmas baking time) would be in the same box with...

one of my 4 heavy antique sewing machines. Two of them fit very nicely on top of the IKEA Expedit shelves -- photo eventually.

Unpacking ... really really getting there. But pesky things in life (like housework) and continual trips to Home Depot slow things down. BUT -- what a TREAT to go to a garden center in MARCH -- and buy some herbs, already potted (meaning, no, we didn't have to wait for Burpee seeds, pot them, and hope for some sunlight in windowsills in the winter). It is truly lovely to have spring at the moment.


Anonymous said...

This sewing machine is sooooo awesome! I love to old black ones with lovely motives like this on has. Do you sew on them or are they just for decoration?

Anonymous said...

Your sewing machine is so pretty!