18 March, 2009

The Russian mountain ash berry and red currants

As you can tell from the previous post, I am nuts over any form of the Russian mountain ash and its ash berries AND motifs with red currants (so healthy made up as jam for tea, or juice).

For fun, here are a few more photos:

and many thanks to an online friend for helping me with the Russian names of the tree (рябина), berries (currants, currants!!), and notes on the currant watercolor
(Елена Коса 2003г
По мотивам работы Ф. Толстого “Гроздья красной смородины”

Elena Kosa 2003
After the work of F. Tolstoy “Red currant bunch (or cluster)” )

to see the "real thing" click here, and here at Wiki for the Fyodor Petrovich Tolstory's bio

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Lara Croft said...

This stuff is so beautiful. I've never seen it before, only I've always marveled at the beauty of red currants. Now I think I have to find a piece for myself. It's your fault!