21 March, 2009

Can't put it off much longer

so I'm attacking the "guest room" which actually has some "stuff" that belongs in my sewing room.

So here are a few photos of things I'm trying to find places for:

Central Asian textiles

and another shelf "done"

.... later: Got too involved in "desk things" from my former desk, so no more photos for today.

Tomorrow: photos of antique Russian linen towels


Nora said...

Thank you for the lovely comment over at Pause for Breath. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Your shelf looks so cute! What are these... footlike things?



MaryjoO said...

the items next to the matryoshka dolls are distaffs -- look at
or Google further! They were used until the 20's or 30s, and then were just considered a folk item. You can't find them anymore except in musuems!