22 March, 2009

Embroidered towels bought in Russia - I

I could just kick myself that I collected these towels below without finding out more about them. I honestly can't call them "Russian" because of the designs -- some may be traditional designs from the Ukraine or other Baltic SSRs. I'm not even sure which word to use: полотенце or рушник -- both mean "towels". These long meters of loomed linen were used for normal "towel" use, home decoration and/or for draping over an icon. Most towels seem to have had an extra edging added -- obviously for additional beauty!

This book from the Museum of Folk Art in Moscow (1990) calls them полотенце and describes the edges as конец полотенца (towel edges), with ornamental bands.

cross stitch with filet crochet edging

more cross stitch with family initials


A said...

You have collected such lovely things during the career. I am racking my brain trying to think of what I could 'collect' from Malaysia, but nothing really comes to mind. Although my husband is thrilled we live in a country with nothing much to buy!

MaryjoO said...

umm ... fabrics? Silks? dolls in national costume? I could think of a few things LOL