30 March, 2009

Traumatic closets

On the scope of things, going through closets and making decisions is NOT earth shattering.
But I find the endless decisions that we've had to make about .... settling in .... exhausting.

I spent 2 non-stop days on the weekend going through a room and a half, and today I'm pooped. After getting going this morning, I will tackle our closet next. That MEANS taking most things out and then figuring out how to organize clothes so they can be found. This house has very few closets for clothes hanging, so I have to be very organized and "tight" in how things are put back.

But for another fun shot of a bedspread I pulled out of a closet yesterday:
this is new -- it was made by a wonderful Uzbek woman, bought at a craft fair, and machine chain stitched -- don't you love those pomegranates? But again, another decision: where am I going to put this one?


Dee D said...

OMG the bedspread is wonderful. Buy another bed if you have to, but do use it. Alternatively, could it go over the dining room table during the Christmas season - it is so festive.

be*mused jan said...

Feel free to store it at my house. ;-)