28 March, 2009

A parting gift

I've just unwrapped a parting gift from artists friends in Kazakhstan -- the tuskiiz below.

A tuskiiz can be a carpet or a wall-hanging, but this piece, with ties and all, is meant for the inside of a yurt, and most probably was used as a fabric "headboard." My friends told me that they bought it near the Chinese border, meaning the motifs are not necessarily those of central Kazakhstan.

I'm not sure what to do with it -- perhaps edge it off somehow for a quilt. The back shows machine embroidery, and the top back is pieced with "it won't show on this side" other fabrics, including a strip of burlap, that don't match at all!

And if I want to remind myself "all about yurts," all I have to do is open this lovely gift book
... but for photos of other yurts (in Kyrgyzstan) check out the postings from a fellow blogger!


sunshine said...

I think I would frame it and hang it over a mantel of something like that

Lara Croft said...

It's stunning. I agree with sunshine, above.

Anonymous said...

I love to see what amazing pieces of art were waiting in boxes for years! You're so lucky to have such amaizing things at home!

Mariajaan said...

Hello! I wanted to follow your link, but her blog only admits invitees....do you know of any other public blog where I could see patterns of this type? They are beautiful pieces of art. Each one unique.