01 March, 2009

Maryjo's Toy Story, Part II

Continuing on the last posting, here are more dolls from around the world:

the first doll I ever remember keeping/having, given to me in the mid-1960's by a little girl named Mimi

from my days in the late 1960's in Thessaloniki, Greece

I usually avoided buying dolls with plastic faces, but couldn't help but love Nina and Ivan from Russia in the mid-1980s

a Kyrgyz felted grandma

dolls from Armenia

I have a lovely Christmas angel band set of straw dolls that come out at Christmas; this doll sits with my other larger dolls year round - from Slovakia

a small but wooden-based doll from a dear friend from Japan

and another favorite already published here last Easter: she's ready with her egg and kulich to be blessed by the Russian Orthodox priest

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gletting said...

Well, Maryjo, I am amazed. You have the most beautiful blog I ever saw. Living overseas, as you say, have made you a very educated person, and I am very happy to be allowed to see all those beautiful things. The photos is taken with love, I think.