28 February, 2009

My own Toy Story cast of characters

No matter where I've lived in the world, I've always had my own Toy Story cast of characters to keep me company. I add to them from time to time, but they "started" in the mid-1960s.

This move, most of them will be with me in my sewing room, as they now have their own IKEA Billy bookshelf to keep them away from dust.

a Russian krasavitsa (beauty)

she is ready for winter with her floral scarf, fur trimmed jacket, and has warm feet in her simple valeniki

my long-lost but beloved childhood Steiff Micki was replaced sometime in 1978-79 with this Mommy Hedgehog - I just about fainted when I saw what she "is going for" online!

this cloth trio from Austria used to be a foursome,but they are still dressed in their lovely trachten outfits from the 1960's

a recent but oh-so-cheerful felt Kazakh doll, given to me by dear friends

the lovely doll on the left is from Kazakhstan; the straw doll on the right was brought in the USSR during the 1980's -- she is in Tajik costume. I have some of her sisters (other straw dolls from former Soviet Republics) that I bring out at Christmas time.

Stay tuned for Toy Story II -- more dolls to come!


Dee D said...

Your dolls are wonderful and I'm looking forward to Part II

larisknit said...

A great collection (or part of the collection?). It's amazing how different dolls can be. When seeing the pic of the Mecki I had to smile as my parents collect hedgehogs done by Steiff. There are loads of little Meckis all over their house :)

Greets, Julia