05 March, 2009

Harry and Harriet Homeowner

In the US, advertisers for "home-fix it stores" always refer to their customers as "Harry and Harriet Homeowner."

So Harriet Maryjo and Harry John were busy this morning, trying to get a few things done. And thanks to a nearby friend, we are finding a few specialty shops to take care of pesky little details:

-- as in finding the right sized air filters for the furnace/ac system -- who knew we've been living in dust because the painters forgot to put back filters after they painted the house in .... November?

-- needing some new light fixtures for the kitchen to remedy these ugly and broken (by us) ones.

We think we found some lights we like but didn't buy them today, as we wanted to hurry back and be home for the long-awaited pickup of this stuff. It has been taking up one third of the garage.

and after (yipee!)

John was busy earlier working on our very own outside "fountain"
--working on it as in taking out some of the rain water so Maryjo would stop getting hysterical that it would overflow. We still have a little standing water on the ground, but also some nice plant blooms and ground cover coming up - in March!

P.S. Have you guessed ... it is NOT raining today (yet!)

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Anonymous said...

I love the fountain!!