03 March, 2009


We've been "living" with small tiny ants all through this wet winter here in central California. But after two straight days of ant patrols finding tiny worms, I gave up and called the friendly pest control people that we also use up in the mountains.

The "bait" is stronger than what one can buy commercially, and it also kills their trail scent. So, after a good feeding (gag) from this commercial bait, they should go back to their colony and NOT come back to MY house. Sorry, ants!

So ... between taking care of "their" mess earlier (ants finding tiny worms in two parts of the house), going and looking for some air filters, and going through the house inside and out with the pest control guy .... I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off. Bugs are just not my thing! Oh, and the worms? They're being taken care of ... outside. In the "outdoor fresh" (bad joke about a scent of Raid ant spray you can buy).


Anonymous said...

"ant patrols" make me giggle. But I can understand why you aren't that fond of them. Thanks to us living in the second floor there are never any ants/spiders around here :)

Jackie said...

No spiders on the second floor!! Lucky laris, our UK spiders climb up into the attic, I pass them on the staircase, I've shared the shower with one for the past few weeks (after warning him/her I'll leave him/her alone as long as he/she stays in the corner away from me!) Within the next few weeks we will probably be invaded by the Cardinal again, huge black body, long hairy legs and they can run like the clappers, they are called Cardinals because Hampton Court Palace was over-run with them and Cardinal Wolsey was terrified of them!