29 January, 2009

What are you doing today?

My daughter has been with me for a few days, and it has been of great comfort.

But now it's time to get a little bit done before I go off to Washington again next week.

This is what I'm looking at this morning:
(hallway full of stuff for charity)

(looking into the tiny dining room through to the living room)

Before anyone has a complete heart attack, there are many boxes here that are "empty" and need to go to the garage to be put with the "final" pile for the moving company to pick up, and other boxes full of paper to wrap still-not-completely-put-away Xmas items in. But just finding a cupboard in the kitchen for "Tupperware" is enough of a struggle to make me pull out my hair.

And I hope to get the Oreo cookies mailed off by Saturday for someone in Germany!


Dee D said...

OMG ---- I thought you were putting away as you unpacked!!! Sorry.....I'm smiling ---- as they say been there, done that and so glad my move is finished.

Anonymous said...

Seeing your photo.. whew. Near heart attack ;). I hope that it will clear up soon and you have more time to knit & sew!

Greets, Julia

gletting said...

Yes, it has been worth it!
We lent a garage in Oslo before Christmas and still have to fetch it 420 km away ... Before Easter. Behind our stash, that we of course dont need (we have been her a while you know), but behind the stash are all the garden furniture of our ex neighbors stashed ...
Oh stress, I have moved a lot of times in my life, and every time I say: NEVER AGAIN! But I cannot see that we can live in this faraway place when we get really old ... And I am stressing about that, maybe it is in 15 or 20 years. How can one stop stressing? Knitting helps a bit.
And you room is beautiful!