26 January, 2009

Notice anything?

... a shadow!! Which means ... sun!

I'm still getting used to central California's winters: foggy, gray and rainy. I'm thrilled to be able to take a decent daylight photo, too -- out in the back. We won't talk about the leaves that need to be raked, the dirty mesh chairs that need to be scrubbed and more. LOL

The cable work is the cuff of the cabled cuff gloves from the Twist Collective by Tuulia Salmela. Wish me luck on using this yarn (Rowan felted tweed) and needle size (US 2) -- thankfully I have very narrow wrists and I think the 3 pattern repeats will just fit -- and then I'll go up a needle size for the rest of the glove to be sure!

I've been lusting after this color ever since I saw the First Lady's gloves at the Inauguration, and yes, I admit it: I was one of those that probably helped "crash" the JCrew site looking for the gloves the next day!


Maria said...

Oooh! They're going to be way better than the JCrew gloves. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful start to your gloves!