29 January, 2009

Advice needed for taking photos!

I have NO pure white spaces in the house, can you believe it, for photo taking where the light might be decent.

I keep seeing blog photos of knitting projects with "pure white" behind the project.

Is that a specific photo program "option" or just that you all are lucky to have a white counter or windowsill to work on? I use Picasa, but don't seem to see any way to end up with a white background.


And here is a "thing" -- a garlic shaped salt shaker. Sigh. I just have too many "things." (but note the not-what-I-want background)


Anonymous said...

you could use a white cloth as a background. check out lolly's blog on photography - she has a tutorial for creating a light box you might want to try as an option.

Dee D said...

I'm sure it has to do with lighting. I've been thinking a soft grey background might be the way to go - sort of eliminate the "white" issues.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes use a white pillow from my sofa.. I put it as close to the window (daylight) as I can, and then tries to find the best angle (the light will shift from different angles).

This works well for knitted items, but they are often "flat". Don't know how it will work for your other stuff.. :)

Oh, and I try to take most pictures without a flash.. Pure daylight is much better..

be*mused jan said...

Go to an art supply store and purchase a large sheet of white illustration board. Voila! Portable white surface!
(That's what I use....)

Anonymous said...

A whitebox is great! If the piece I want to photograph is too big for the lightbox, I use a big white sheet which I place on the ground. To get the background even more white and spotless, I use the color correction option in Photoshop. Maybe there is something like this in Picasa?

Greets, Julia