29 January, 2009

Foibles of moving

I have finished the cuff on the "I want those green gloves" and need to go up a needle size (.25 or .5 up) to work on the glove.

I have a lovely set of these from KnitPicks

bought because they include a 2.75, 3.0 and 3.25 mm size.

But can I find the set here in the house? No, although I had them recently.

I'm not willing to look anymore tonight, so I will just work with a US Size 3 and hope it is not .... too big. Using 2.75 mm dpns was quite tight for the cuff, so I knew I'd have to increase the needle size when I was ready to start the "hand."

I've made a lot of progress today on the "boxes," but progress is all relative when you make mess as you are putting things away. But I'm going to "take the night off", grab the US 3 needles, and start the hand of the glove pattern.

Keeping me company is an Agatha Christie novel, "The Secret Adversary", from one of my favorite podcasts, Forgotten Classics.


Julie D. said...

Thank you for the nice mention! :-)

Jessica said...

Your house looks like mine. Our HHE arrived in Baku this month and we're SLOWLY getting through it. Most of the boxes are gone, but we haven't been able to hang any of our pictures or art because of the concrete walls. So they are piled everywhere. Does this ever get easy??