18 September, 2008

What's missing?... and orange is back

Before I almost collapsed at the grocery store (see post below) I hit the HUGE Barnes and Noble book store at the mall. I was looking for a VERY specific magazine. Can you imagine to my horror that it wasn't there? I'll have to look someplace else or order one when I get to the mountains. But otherwise, the "haul" wasn't bad - LOL

These two items were also on my list:

And orange
is back .... from 1970.

My in-laws built our mountain place @ 1970, and the colors up there were/are ... oranges and greens. Haven't seen those colors since, But now, you too, can find the whole decorating scheme at Pottery Barn! (napkins and place mats in photos above) Even the quarters label for coin-laundry use is fitting right in.

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fluffbuff said...

Welcome back! So, what next? Lots of knitting, crochet, quilting, yoga? Just guessing from the magazines…