19 September, 2008

A mixed bag of a LYS

Imagine my delight when I realized there was a LYS along my errand route this morning. I was hoping to find the fall Vogue Knitting ....

et voila!
The store had lovely high-end yarns, a huge needle selection, cheerful customers and staff and some nice Mountain Colors lace weight yarn from Montana.

BUT -- I may not have looked around enough, but I didn't see those impulse items (I need a few gifts) such a cute tape measures or stitch markers


I left the store in shock: they don't ball wind your purchases. I asked TWICE because I didn't believe the "no" answer the first time. No swift in sight. I didn't think I needed to pack my ball winder in my suitcase!

They also didn't know about Handmaiden Sea Silk yarn or who Evelyn Clark was. Strange!

Why do knitters on the internet seem so much more "informed?"


Dee D said...

Ball yarn for you --- that was a good laugh. And, if you make a tangled mess of that skein, don't even think about returning it.

weaverknits said...

I laughed and laughed when I read your post about the US grocery store! Recently my store was remodeled and we couldn't find the Nutella for MONTHS.

What do you plan to make from the new Vogue? Mittens?

Maria said...

We're more informed because we spend WAY too much time on the internet!!! But we learn about such wonderful things.